Product Implementation

Our team has extensive experience automating many of the key control processes using event monitoring software, modifications to existing backup solutions, and an enterprise messaging and help desk system (iService®) that ties all of the activities together.  Our years of experience within software development organizations and data centers gives us a unique capability to combine best of class products with your compliance processes.

As a division of the leading customer interaction solution provider, One-to-One®, we can bundle the iService® messaging solution with our implementation services at a very reasonable cost. Not only will this platform provide an essential part of your SOX compliance infrastructure, it will also improve the service level of your organization with its help desk and enterprise workflow capabilities.


iService is a customer interaction solution that can help your organization document important authorizations, manage critical system and security events, and ensure your IT auditors can find the audit trail they need. 

EventSentry is a leading event and system monitoring solution that can be leveraged to automate many of your key compliance needs.