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IT Compliance Experts is integrating its ICE Windows Event Analysis package with’s website. This analysis will simplify the configuration of the EventSentry monitoring and iService customer interaction solutions.


Champaign, IL –

IT Compliance Experts announced today that it is integrating its ICE Windows Event Analysis package with’s website. The company has performed analysis of important Windows event log entries and developed proposed actions for each event based upon a detailed risk analysis.

“Windows event logs contain hundreds of event types and can be difficult to analyze. We’ve identified the key events and determined whether they need real-time notification and documented follow-up, periodic reporting, or can be archived for future use,” said Scott Whitsitt, president of IT Compliance Experts.

“Our team of Windows security and compliance experts has developed suggested notification messages that include plain English descriptions of what happened along with the action that should be taken. We’ve even written the responses your auditors will expect for many of the most common events, and they can be accessed by your IT staff with a single click in the iService system. The result is a solution that can be quickly deployed, makes your IT organization more responsive and efficient, and helps ensure compliance with key regulations at reduced effort.”

The event analysis framework was created by identifying common control procedures and activities that generate system events. Then, the corresponding events were analyzed in detail to determine the exact specification for the EventSentry monitoring solution and iService configuration.

These events were further divided into those that require documented action, versus those that simply need to be retained for forensic purposes. For example, an organization might generate an iService help desk ticket for investigation when a new account is created, but only log account deletions to the EventSentry database without generating a help desk ticket because they are lower priority.

To learn more about the event analysis package or best practices for configuring EventSentry or iService, visit the IT Compliance Experts website.

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