IT Compliance Automation

One of the more important aspects of IT Compliance is ensuring a sufficient audit trail exists for key control procedures. The saying goes – “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen”. As most organizations rushed to implement the necessary processes to document the functioning of their IT general controls, numerous manual processes were established that are difficult to maintain. Some examples are manual reviews of security event logs, manual logs for backup and job schedule processing, and the list goes on.

At IT Compliance Experts, we’ve refined many of these cumbersome processes and integrated them with a leading email response management solution, iService®. Based on our years of experience performing IT General Controls and compliance audits, we’ve identified the key areas that consume IT resources and are well suited for automation.

Our predefined templates for these standard processes allow you to be up an running in a matter of day, guaranteed*.In a matter of days, your organization can implement a solution that will:

Automate the workflow to document key control points for application maintenance.

🔸Automate the identification and notification of security issues that require investigation.
Implement automated processes to document key operational events.

🔸Automate the generation of follow up tickets for each issue, and provide pre-defined resolutions for each type of item.

🔸Automate the classification for each IT SOX event to streamline follow up actions.

🔸Archive all events in a database for future auditing and reporting.

Your iService implementation will be implemented within 5 business days or all setup fees will be refunded.